Frequently asked questions

1. How does Pure Air Zone technology work?

An AIRcel works using electrostatic, water and U-Ox. Charged particles of any size or type are drawn towards the AIRcel using molecular charge attraction, and they are subsequently neutralised by the U-Ox within the bioreactor. The pure air is then returned to the room. It’s like planting a forest in an office.

2. What validations do you have?

Feel free to visit our website Validations page or set up a call to get more in-depth information.

3. How difficult is the setup and what maintenance is required?

AIRcel bioreactors are plug & play and use as much electricity as the average light bulb. They should be topped up once a week with water to ensure the U-Ox is working to maximum efficiency. U-Ox should be topped up once a month, while the AIRcel itself requires a clean only a few times a year. They are also totally customisable.

4. Which other industries are Pure Air Zones?

Many industries have benefited from becoming a Pure Air Zone including in healthcare. Other industries include retail, factories and motorsport - teams from Formula 1 and MotoGP.

5. Will I receive marketing materials and support to promote my status of being a Pure Air Zone?

Yes! We provide you with marketing collateral and visibility opportunities, both within the app and in the wider world.