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      Client Consultation

Note: The consultation information on this page is for clients who have visited our shop site ( ), with the intention to buy some products or have already bought our products; but need a more holistic approach to solving their health concerns; or those of their dear ones.

As Naturopathic Medical Physicians (Naturopaths),

Our Philosophy is to heal the whole person.....



That is by appreciating more of the individual than the illness; consequently creating a treatment/healing plan that is unique and specific to each person.


We conduct a full diagnostic anamnesis (history) over the Phone or via Email.

We shall take the full history of your systems including:

  • Cardiovascular

  • Digestive

  • Endocrine

  • Immune

  • Integumentary - Skin.

  • Lungs

  • Musculoskeletal

  • Heart

  • Nervous

  • Reproductive

  • Respiratory

  • Urinary

Your anamnesis would also cover your drug history (prescription/recreational); and how you feed yourself nutritional-wise.


General Consultation without Trauma and without Therapy: $

Comprehensive Consultation with Trauma without Therapy: $


Comprehensive Consultation with Trauma and Therapy:

  • Initial Consultation: $

  • Therapy (usually from clients' homes if clinic facilities are not adequate) cost ranges from $ per hour: Please call for details. 


  • Initial Consultation: Taking case history: This will last between 40-60 minutes usually for general consultation without trauma.  Other methods takes a bit longer.

  • There shall be follow-ups where we may need more information and may ask you to do some extra simple tests at no extra cost: This depends on which of the consultations types you select.

  • We shall answer your calls and reply your emails concerning your therapy at no extra cost:This also depends on your route of consultation

  • All querries shall be answered at no extra cost: This depends on your route of consultation 

  • No pre-booking is required: Yes, for snap advice you do not need to book in advance.

  • We shall give you these extra services for free for 5 months through your healing process and programme: This also depends on your route of consultation.





A specific time for the consultation has to be agreed upon; then the payment of a non-refundable consultation fee, as above, would have to be made into our available payment method directly in advance.

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